Coaching Your Way to Personal Fulfillment

Coaching is not for everyone but for those aspiring to be a coach with impact it is an extremely gratifying and satisfying way to spend your time. My coaching started at the tender age of 18 when I was thrown into a team coaching scenario. Watching, teaching and developing the all round skills of this team totally changed my perspective on things.

Who would ever believe the feelings achieved by being a part of people achieving more than they had ever dreamed possible. It was simply awesome. The coaching bug had hit and it was quickly followed by roles with senior sports teams and professional athletes in another field.

The transition into the corporate sector has been just as rewarding and certainly as challenging. The role of a coach does not change a lot when it comes to what the ultimate goal is, they are winners, they are leaders and every one of them exists because someone believes they have the ability to get the best possible results out of both individuals and teams.

Some coaches are highly skilled and very proficient in specific areas meaning their all round knowledge and skills often goes unnoticed. Who could ever forget the locker room speech delivered in the movie “Any Given Sunday”? A coach’s role is to get the best out of people he has chosen to mentor. He is not a dictator and should never lead by installing fear. It is a position of responsibility and trust.

Whether it is coaching ballet, life skills, lacrosse, maths or chess, the attributes shared by good coaches is consistent amongst them all. If you are just starting out in the coaching field, the list of personality traits is purely the start of the recipe when identifying what actually goes into the mix and what is needed to get the required result.

“First seek to understand before being understood” (Stephen Covey)

Understanding personalities
No 2 individuals are alike and conflicting personalities will raise many challenges.

May not be needed in some areas but is essential in what you teach.

An ability to inspire others provides a long and fruitful career as a mentor/coach

Leads by example
Do as I say and not as I do can be fraught with danger in most situations but not all.

This is not negotiable. Persistent and consistent commitment is paramount.

Not always displayed but a must for long term success.

A full time position without the degree.

Just as in business and life you will sink or swim on the back of this attribute.

An inner confidence that allows you to see things from someone else’s perspective

Goal orientated
Set them in stone and make your team goals open and shared by everyone

Just as in life, these skills are not learned over night but many of them exist already within your personality and moral values. Put yourself out there and share what you know. Inspire others to be what they want to be and you will feel the same levels of exhilaration experienced regularly by the successful coaches of the world.

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