How Preparation Makes College Graduation So Much Easier!

Picture yourself visiting a new city in another country that didn’t speak the same language as you and you had no idea where to go?

Can you imagine the feeling of isolation and sense of overwhelming despair you would feel in a situation like that?

Now this is what many college students have felt on their first day on campus. I say this because I was one of these students. I wasn’t sure where to go. All I knew is that I had my class at a certain time. All I had with me was a map of the school and my class schedule.

I’ll tell you what would have helped me. If I had some information about the process of college, how to succeed, and how to feel more comfortable there, I would have walked a lot lighter on campus that first day.

Luckily I had a parent with me when I was picking my classes. I know that many students have to choose for themselves and go through this process alone. For the majority of people, going through a process like this alone can be stressful and discouraging. Don’t lose hope yet though. I believe there is a solution.

All that we need to do is provide high school graduates that are planning on going to college with a guidebook that will explain to them how to pick classes effectively, how to study efficiently, where you can become friends with people that have similar interests, and be provided with information as to the services that are available to them there. You mix that information with a way to set goals and imagine yourself to be a college graduate and I will guarantee you have a more confident student walking onto campus.

This information isn’t hard to provide. We just simply need to get the material out to the students. Students are very resourceful, but don’t make them do everything on their own.

My friend and I went through college on our own pretty much. Throughout our years in college, we learned the process of saving money, effectively choosing classes, and all necessary transfer information (we went to community college). Now, we have taken our personal experience and have decided to help students make their college experience more simple, easy and fun!

With proper preparation and the confidence to succeed, we will see more college graduates than ever before!