Pebble Beach Golf Course

While deciding on your golfing vacation for the summer, one adventure area a golfer can’t forget about is located in California. Pebble Beach to some golfers is the most beautiful golf getaway spot in the United States of America which is located in between the Delmont Forest which is next to a great view of the ocean. This golf course is not only famous for becoming one of the most gorgeous golf courses in the entire world. It is also recognized as one of the most expensive golf courses on the planet, with the cost reaching a very expensive $495 a game along with an additional $35 cart fee. When golf players spend this much money to play it is to make sure they get that excellent golf adventure.The PGA tour opened up here in 1919 by F.B. Morse, the cousin of Samuel Morse the inventor of the telegraph.

When going to Pebble Beach a person can’t simply overlook the finest seventeen mile drive throughout the pine groves and the Monterey coastline of the Del Monte forest. They provide horseback riding that can let you really appreciate its elegance. A few of the golf courses that are offered at are Poppy Hills, Pasatiempo, and Spanish Bay. Poppy Hill was the course they had the AT&T Pro Am Championship. Poppy Hill offers the finest natural forest, as well as excellent sand. Sand that helps identify Pebble Beach as one of the best places to have a tournament which is why Pebble Beach hosts this year’s U.S. open.

At Pebble Beach it is not surprising to see pros playing a couple of rounds. The famous Jack Nicklaus said that “if he had one more round to play it will be at Pebble beach.” That statement Jack made helps you understand why it is one of the best golfing spots in the world. Golf Digest has recently rated it number one for being America’s Greatest Public Course. Along with the starting of a Spa in 2000 and a number of major resorts, this spot not only will be enjoyed by the avid golfers but by their families as well.

Next time you are thinking about a golf vacation consider America’s west coast and spend a couple of weeks touring the great Pebble Beach Golf Course.